Our Purpose

Shepherd’s Table is a ministry set up within the OLHC parish for the purpose of advancing social and public welfare by relieving the poverty, distress or disadvantage of individuals and families. We will reach out to those in need within our community and beyond. Our aim is to provide a nutritious meal, offer an attentive ear and connect with an open heart in a safe and welcoming environment. In doing so we hope to nourish their spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

We will do so by:

  • Operating a kitchen within the OLHC church premises providing regular meals for people in need. (meals served on the first and third Saturday of each month)
  • Providing a takeaway meal service during times of Covid19 lockdown
  • Providing parcels of food and other essential grocery items to people who cannot afford to buy basic food and groceries for themselves and their families
  • Supporting individuals and families experiencing hardship through whatever means we have available to the ministry

Make a Donation

Please reach us on shephardstable@olhc.com.au to discuss on your options if you wish you make a donation towards this worthy cause.

BSB: 083879

Account No.: 815029744

(Any donations to this program is not tax deductable)

Like to join us?

To know more details of our meals and dates of operation download our brochure and Calendar of  Events.