Kimbe Assistance Project

The Kimbe Assistance Project is our Parish’s International Apostolate. It was started after pilgrims from the West New Britain Province in Papua New Guinea (PNG) visited the Western Region of the Diocese of Sale in the lead up to World Youth Day in 2008.

Papua New Guinea is a country that is rich in resources but poor in infrastructure. The majority of the population exists by subsistence agriculture. Our project’s aim has been to give these people a hand up and not a hand out.

We believe that improving the health and education resources in PNG is the best way to improve the lives of the people there. Since 2009 the project has sent five, twenty-foot containers to West New Britain. Each twenty-foot container has approximately 1000 boxes of library and text books, and medical aids such as walking frames, wheel chairs, hospital beds and linen. The project has also:

  • facilitated the training of midwives in ultrasound techniques,
  • the donation of two portable ultrasound machines, and
  • installed solar power lighting units at two health clinics.

Email to get a list of items suitable for this project, or contact Adrian and Barbara on 0413 886 000.

Volunteers are always welcome.