The Christmas Novena

The Christmas Novena – (16th – 24th December)

Adapted from the writings of St. Alphonsus de Liguori

*Conclude each day with a pause to mention your intention followed by an Our Father, Hail Mary and a Glory Be

First Day

O Great Son of God, you became one of us in order to make yourself loved by us. But instead of repaying you with love, we spurn you with ingratitude! Forgive me all the offences I have committed against you. Let me no longer live in ungrateful forgetfulness of your love and may I always persevere in this holy desire.

O Mary, Mother of God and my Mother, pray for me that your Son may give me the grace to love Him always, unto death. Amen.*

Second Day

O dearest Infant! You have come looking for me, the lost sheep, so that, instead of fleeing from you, may I rest in your loving arms. Never may I withdraw from you, but constant to love you in all the years that still lie before me in this life.

O Mary, you are my advocate. By your prayers obtain whatever you will from your Son. Pray Him then to forgive me, and to grant me holy perseverance until death. Amen.*

Third Day

O dear infant Jesus, how could I offend you so often? I am sorry for having turned my back on you. From now on you, O my God, shall be my only treasure and my only God. I long for nothing else; I want nothing else. Thou alone art enough for me, my Jesus, my life, my love.

O Mary, my Mother, obtain for me the grace that I may always love Jesus and always be loved by Him. Amen.*

Fourth Day

O dearest Saviour, you embraced so many outrages for love of me, yet I have not been able to bear one word of insult without at once being filled with resentful thoughts. I am ashamed to appear before you, sinful and proud as I am. Forgive me, O Jesus. I will not offend you again. Give me the grace to love you always and to bear every insult for your love.

O Mary, recommend me to your Son; pray to Jesus for me. Amen.*

Fifth Day

O Jesus, my sweet Love! I too have made you suffer through all your life. Tell me, then, what I must do in order to win your forgiveness. O sovereign Good I love you more than myself.

Graciously accept me and bind me to you with the bonds of your love.

O Mary, my Mother and my hope, help me to love your dear God and mine. This is the only favour I ask of you, and through you I hope to receive it. Amen.*

Sixth Day

O My dear Redeemer! Where should I be now, if you had not borne with me so patiently while I was in the state to sin? I am so sorry for having vilely despised you, my sovereign God and I know that you cannot abandon a soul that seeks you. Help me, Lord, to love you for the rest of my life. I beg this of you.

Mary, my hope, do thou pray for me. If you pray for me, I am sure of grace. Amen.*

Seventh Day

Dear Infant Jesus, crying so bitterly! You certainly have good reason to weep in seeing yourself persecuted by us whom you love so much. I too have persecuted you by my sins but you know that now I love you more than myself. Forgive me, O Jesus and never permit me to be separated from you again.

O Mary, my hope, make me always live in God’s love and die loving Him. Amen.*

Eighth Day

O Jesus, my Saviour! When I consider how, for love of me you spent thirty years of your life hidden and unknown in a poor workshop, how can I desire the pleasures and honours and riches of the world? Gladly do I renounce all these things, since I wish to be your companion on this earth, poor as you were, mortified and humble as you were. I would rather lose my life a thousand times than lose your grace by sin.

O Mary, you are the refuge of sinners, be my hope. Amen.*

Ninth Day

O adorable Infant Jesus! I should not have the boldness to cast myself at your feet, if I did not know that you yourself invite me to draw near to you. Set me on fire with your holy love and never let me stop loving you for evermore.

O Mary, Mother of Jesus and my Mother, you can obtain everything from your Son by your prayers. This is the only favour I ask of you. Do pray to Jesus for me. Amen.*


Sweetest Infant, in the name of thy blessed Mother May, comfort me, bless me and grant me the joy to praise you forever with all my heart. Amen.