The Mango Fundraiser only uses Bowen Special Mangoes which are more formally known as Kensington Pride Mangoes. These great tasting mangoes are packed with nutritional goodness – Vitamin C (one Mango contains your recommended daily allowance), Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, antioxidants, Potassium & B Vitamins. They are low in fat, and Cholesterol free.

We are selling trays of mangoes picked and packed during the premium harvest. The mangoes are packed in a single layer tray weighing approximately 7kg.

Cost per tray is: $27.00. A prepayment is required. 

Prepayments will open on Tuesday, 20th September at 10.00am.

CLOSING DATE: 2pm, Thursday, 20th October 2022.

Orders will not be accepted past the closing date.

17 Sep: First Eucharist Celebration @ 6pm

18 Sep: First Eucharist Celebration @ 9am & 11am

18 Sep: New Pledges take effect

23 Sep: AFL Grand Final P/H: Office Closed

27-29 Sep: Clergy In-Service: NO MASS | Tues: Rosary & Novena only | Wed & Thurs: Communion Service Only

1 Oct: Fun Walk @ Lysterfield Lake

8 Oct: First Eucharist Celebration @ 6pm

9 Oct: First Eucharist Celebration @ 9am & 11am